CNN: "Journalists" for Censorship

September 30, 2011

"I think we're all pretty tired of people hiding behind the first amendment. So cowardly."

How far we have come America.

A major news network, a supposed source of objective journalism, endorsing censorship. And this wasn't just some pretty face they pay to waste time and drink coffee on some daily show. This was Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor, and now a "contributing legal analyst." She's tired of people hiding behind the first amendment, and she think's we're all with her on this.

The issue in question that Anderson Cooper is addressing is the existence of /r/jailbait on the website reddit.

What is Reddit?
A top pic on /r/pics
If you don't know, Reddit is a social media site. Anyone can submit content to reddit in one of thousands of sections called subreddits. So if you see a hilarious picture, then you can go to /r/funny and post it. Read a great political article, post it to /r/politics. If you've invented a new sex position, then go on over to /r/sex and make a post.

Anyone can post anything they wish, and then all the other users can "upvote" or "downvote" that post. If posts get downvoted, they get buried in the depths of millions of posts. If a post gets a lot of upvotes, it becomes more visible, and if it gets enough upvotes it will hit the front page.

See Reddit is just a platform. There are no writers or editors, it's not a news site, it does not produce content. It's more like Facebook. So you know Facebook's ever-changing newsfeed? Imagine if you had a newsfeed for ALL things posted to Facebook, not just your friends. That'd be a lot of posts. Now add a dislike button to go next to the like button, and then have Facebook sort through all these posts and show you the things people like. Suddenly you'd have an efficient system for delivering the best content people are posting on the internet that day.

Now, instead of having just one category of all posts, reddit breaks it up into subreddits. If you post something, you have to put it in one of those sub-categories. If you don't have a reddit account and you go to, then you'll see the upvoted content from a small selection of some of the most popular subreddits including /r/videos, /r/pics, /r/gaming, and /r/worldnews. However there are literally thousands of subreddits. When you make an account you can subscribe to any subreddit you wish, and anyone can create a subreddit.

Anyone turned on by this must be a pedophile
What is /r/Jailbait?
Jailbait is one such subreddit. The content is supposed to be sexual but non-nude images of underaged girls. The entire idea is for it to have pictures that are NOT child porn. For the most part you'll probably find pictures of girls 14-20 (many of them probably aren't underage) in bathing suits. No sex. No nipples.

Almost every girl you'll find on there is sexually mature, I.e. she got boobs. These aren't pictures of 8 year olds or even 12 year olds. If you went to a public pool you'd see about the same thing.

Try going to American Apparel's website and looking at clothes for girls. Like This or this. Notice that by mousing over the picture it blows it up nice and big for you, it really helps when you need to look at that 7 year old's camel toe.

From Jailbait. 
So what's the problem with Jailbait? Well Anderson Cooper doesn't like the idea of perverts trading pictures of underage girls to masturbate to. The problem is that these pictures are not child porn, but when collected and posted by perverts, suddenly it seems a lot more like child porn. Legally it is not.

Reddit is all about free speech and for the freedom of anyone to say anything they want or to make a community based on anything they want, so long as they don't break any laws.

So Anderson Cooper and Sunny Hostin think that reddit should kill Jailbait, and they also attack other subreddits for showing pictures of creepy things like dead bodies. Again, these things aren't illegal, they are just offensive to some people.

Since some people find them offensive, we should censor them. Anderson Cooper thinks Jailbait should be banned as well as /r/gore. But where does it end?

A lot of people would think /r/Atheism is offensive. It's simply a community for Atheists. One of the top posts on /r/atheism at the moment is a link to this article about a couple in Oregon who were found guilty of manslaughter after they denied their child standard medical treatment as part of their religion. Many people would find this community to be offensive along with /r/Islam.

From Atheism
Still others might be offended by /r/socialism, /r/anarchism, or /r/teaparty. As a non-idiot, I find the content on Teaparty pretty offensive. Here's an article that's near the top of /r/teaparty at the moment: Rand Paul: Out-of-control EPA turns everyday life into a federal crime.

I can be offended, but that doesn't mean I want to strike that content out of existence. It's called Freedom of Speech. It's not freedom to say things that aren't too unpopular or creepy. For fucks sake.

Does anyone else remember when CNN rode the first Gulf War to fame, showing clips of smart bombs hitting vents and camel butts in Iraq? The top post on /r/Gore at this moment is a video of a teenager being stoned to death in Iraq. See the distinction? When a TV network does it, it's journalism. When it's some guy linking to youtube, it's offensive.

You know what I find offensive? Toddlers in Tiaras. girls as young as five parading around in over-sexualized pageants. It's teaching young girls that the ultimate goal for a woman is to be a sexual object, and it's also surely providing some great fapping material for perverts. But it's on TV, so that's not offensive. But if some creeps post pictures of 17 year old girls in bikinis to a website, it's suddenly child-porn.

Yeah, this is clearly not creepy. 
How many perverts look through Facebook pictures of underage girls they personally know? I find that creepier than perverts looking at totally anonymous pictures of girls they don't know. But there's no outrage from Anderson about Facebook hosting child porn.

The most offensive thing about all of this is supposed journalists and a news network endorsing censorship. It's absurd, but a sign of our times. But guess what, I don't want these opinions censored. Why? Cause censorship is bullshit. It's an attempt by those who think they are more moral or better people than the rest of us to control what information we are privy to. They know better. They have all the facts, so us simple folk don't need to hear everything, just the things they want us to hear or see or read.

I proudly say "Fuck that."

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