Space Shuttle Atlantis Noncommittal on Retirement

July 22, 2011

Atlantis flexing the CanadaArm
Pulling a page from Brett Favre's playbook, the shuttle Atlantis won't say that she's hung up the SRBs for good. "The CanadaArm still feels good, there's oxygen left in the tanks, and the heat shield's still pretty intact," Atlantis said on Friday, "I feel good, I don't want to speak too soon."

In Vegas an interesting bet has seen a lot of action; Which will come out of retirement first? Favre or Atlantis? Currently Favre, the former Packer, Jet, Falcon, Golden Eagle, and Viking holds the line at 5:3.

Nasa has no clear replacement lined up and it might be more than seven years before a new system is developed. Favre also has no clear replacement in Minnesota. According to Scott Favre, Brett has been keeping in shape. "I think his goal is to die on the field," said Scott, the future hall of famer's younger brother, "that or die during a Wrangler commercial."

Update: Apparently the Eagles are interested in signing Favre. This is not a joke:

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