NFL Records: Prepare to be Shattered.

September 18, 2011

The season is two weeks old, and you know what that means: Time to jump to ridiculous conclusions!

Coming into the 2011 NFL season, only 5 quarterbacks in history had ever thrown for 400+ yards in consecutive games. After two weeks of action, that number is now 8.

Those 5 QBs?
Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Phil Simms, Billy Volek, and Matt Cassell.

Quite a list right?

Drew Brees threw for 404 yards in the Saints playoff loss at Seattle in January. His next meaningful game came on opening Thursday night against the Packers in which he threw for 419 yards. The NFL doesn't recognize those games as "consecutive," but I do. So he's number 6 to accomplish the feat.

Cam Newton threw for 422 in his debut and a week later went for 432, becoming the 7th QB of ALL-TIME to throw for 400+ in back to back games. This was in his first two games. Think about that for a second.

How much wood would a Woodhead blow
if a Woodhead would blow wood?
Tom Brady has gone for 517 and 423 in the first two games and that made him the 8th QB to accomplish the feat. On the CBS broadcast, once Brady went over 400, they came on and declared Brady to be the 6th QB of All-time to go for 400+ on consecutive games. Ooops CBS, way to keep us informed.

In the 2007 NFL season, there were 5 QBs that eclipsed 400 yards in a game.
In  the 2005 season it happened only once.
Last season it happened 12 times.

Through just two weeks of this season, it's happened 6 times (Brees, Newton, Brady, Henne, Newton, Brady). Which means were on pace for 48 QB-games of 400+ yards!

I smell a Casserole
Looks like the lockout has helped the passing game. (No RB is on pace for more than 1900 yards or 16 TDs rushing)

Tom Brady is on this pace:
504 of 704  for 7520 yards 56 TDs and 8 INTs

Of course, his one-time replacement, Matt Cassell is on this pace:
296 of 464  for 2016 yards  8 TDs and 32 INTs

And his team, the Chiefs, are on pace to go 0-16, to score 80 points, give up 712 points, and to commit 72 turnovers.

(In his last 4 games, dating back to last year's playoff loss and regular season finale, Cassel's stat line looks like this: 57 of 109 for 417 yards, 1 TD and 9 INTs. That's in 4 games. Cam Newton has more than 417 yards in both of his career starts...)

Looks like we know who's gonna get Lucky next April.

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