Is Jennifer Lawrence Retarded?

In Arrested Development, Charlize Theron plays an English woman who seems quirky, down-to-earth, good with kids, with a strange sense of humor. Michael falls in love with her before he realizes that she is, in fact, retarded. That English accent really makes you sound smarter.

I have a theory that Jennifer Lawrence is secretly also an MRF like Rita Leeds. We're all so distracted by her good looks and her down-to-earthiness that we have been reduced to Michael Bluth levels of awareness.

So I now present...Jennifer Lawrence...retarded?


  1. I need Jennifer Lawrence High Definition wallpapers . She is beautiful.

  2. Almost everything in Hollywood is at least slightly ironic, and decidedly modern or post modern in sensibility. Outright racism or misogyny is now rare in Hollywood. Hollywood is basically far more socially conscious. Bollywood is almost entirely about money, much more so than Hollywood. Often mob money. One highly visible motif is the highly problematic rise of "item numbers."

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