Boehners Debt Plan: Payday Loans and Pawn.

July 28, 2011
Washington, D.C.

"We need to bring common sense to Washington," Speaker Boehner said this week, his 1,125th week in Congress. "President Obama doesn't know what every working American knows, you have to live within your means," Boehner said without a hint of irony. "If the average American can balance their budget, why can't liberals?" he added.

So what are Boehner's common sense solutions? "When you can't make ends meet, you pawn valuables and take out payday loans. That's a long term solution." Boehner wasn't speaking metaphorically. The GOP is trying to sell sections of the Grand Canyon to a Uranium mining company. If that won't do, the Marine Corps band has plenty of instruments to pawn.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor offered even more "common sense solutions." "The American People are great. We need only look to them for solutions. I mean, John Q Pubic can manage to pay his rent by any means necessary. We can try selling sex, and if that doesn't work, why not go into drug dealing?"

Liberals in office and the media still cling to the illusion that the running the world's largest economy isn't just like balancing a checkbook. More liberal non-sense.


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