G-Spot Is a Hoax, Women Everywhere Admit Today

The Lady Orgasm: Artist's Rendering
June 15, 2011

"One day, while we were fooling around a little pee slipped out," Gertrude Eisenbacher, 68, said, "and to cover my ass I just started screaming and told him he must have hit my G-spot. He totally bought it." Women across the world have admitted to the squirting and g-spot hoax today.

"Just blame an accident on the dude hitting all your right spots," Sarah Rodgers said, "they'll buy it every-time. One time I wrecked my boyfriend's car and I told him I was distracted by thoughts of his huge penis. He totally forgot about his totaled car."

Porn star Cytherea, famous for her squirting ability came forward this morning and admitted she was just peeing all over the place. This admission got the ball rolling worldwide. Dr. Graffenberg, the German doctor for whom the G-spot is named, really has egg on his face.

"Naw bro, I make the ladies squirt like clockwork," said Brosef Johnson, 24, "I don't buy it."

When reached for comment, America's most famous feminist, Sarah Palin, said, "Squirting? Is that when you cover yourself in maple syrup?"

"I knew this whole squirting G-spot thing was bullshit," said Polly Anderson, 26, an abstinence expert. "There's no way vaginas can squirt things. While I've never actually seen a vagina, I have on good authority, from the lord, that they are only to be used for producing bundled miracles, not for recreational squirting sex festivals."

Scientists in Britain claimed in 2008 that the G-spot was a myth. They were quickly rebuffed by French scientists who replied simply, "We fart in your general direction."


  1. This takes irony to a whole other level.

  2. The debate over the existence of the G-spot remains intense in this modern age. Well, I can't really prove if it exists. But if it does, I'll surely thank it for making a lot of couples happy. LOL.

    -Jennifer West