Congressman Weiner Maintains Hard Line On Twitter-Gate: "It's a Look-Alike"

June 2, 2011
Washington, D.C.

It's time again for another sex scandal in the nation's capital. A picture of a weiner was sent out on Congressman Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) Twitter. Weiner has vehemently denied sending the picture, but stopped short of denying that the tweeted weiner was his own. Weiner claimed his e-mail was hacked and this led to the embarassing incident.

Due to his lack of a complete denial, rumors have swirled suggesting that the weiner belongs to Weiner and the picture was discovered by the hacker. "It's not a crime to have pictures of your johnson," said Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), "yet."

TMZ has been offering $10,000 for any other pictures of Weiner's hot dog (with or without the buns), but no pictures have surfaced as of yet. Fox News brought in two of Congressman Weiner's cousins to put their Weiner-Family Jewels on display for comparison. Bill O'Reilly told his viewers that, "There is definitely a family resemblance."

Today, Congressman Weiner responded to the rumors with this tweet: "I didn't tweet a weiner. I don't have pictures of my Weiner. It wasn't even my wein." The Congressman went over the character limit, so Twitter cut off the end of the word "weiner."

Fox News' Megyn Kelly found this improper tweet to be telling. "I don't think he has the interwebs figured out. He probably sent the weiner pic and didn't know how twitter works. And here in his denial we see again, Weiner had the tip of the weiner cut off, but he's a jew so it wouldn't be the first time."

When reached for comment, Congressman Weiner agreed that the picture does bear a familial resemblance, but issued this firm denial: "It's a look-alike."

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